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IT Solutions For Growing Businesses

Growing businesses are the driving force behind the tremendous growth of Customer Relationship Management software in America. Small to mid-sized businesses spent $651 Million by 2006 and made up 19 percent of the total market. According to Tech Journal, the market for small and medium business CRM software expenditure is on pace to triple over the next five years. Competition is driving tremendous growth in this software niche.


Why Invest In CRM Software?

“CRM is not just a technology,” says Gartner Inc CRM Specialist Joe Outlaw. “It’s a business strategy around interacting with your customers in a way that brings them more value and is more profitable to you.” He explains that CRM software gives business owners a 360-degree view of all customers and purchase habits 24/7. As a business grows from hundreds to thousands of customers, it’s easier to keep an updated database with this organizational software. It is also much easier to track emerging trends in consumer wants and needs. According to a recent Aberdeen Group survey, companies invest in CRM for 10 reasons:   

  • To grow market share and enhance revenue.
  • To improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • To maintain or gain competitive advantage.
  • To improve analysis and reporting in their business processes.
  • To improve productivity.
  • To automate and standardize business practices.
  • To increase collaborative selling and communication.
  • To improve cost control and savings.
  • To keep up with the competition.
  • To initiate a new line of business.


How To Get Started

Many small business owners begin by setting goals and creating a CRM strategy. For instance, you might want to compile data that will identify ways to make your customer service call center faster or more efficient. You might want to gain a greater understanding of what products are most popular and which ones need an overhaul. You might want to examine ways to reduce sales / support costs, retain customers, or identify emerging markets. Sometimes the answers aren’t so clear and business owners consult advisors.


Popular Brands To Consider

This market is growing so fast that more solutions are bound to come up over the next year. Big players include Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and Zoho. Companies look at many factors in choosing the right software, such as: functionality, the financial viability of the vendor, the ability to add apps and upgrade, product architecture, the user-friendliness of the platform, service and support, price, and the knowledge-ability of the sales staff.  


Other Technology Necessary To Grow Your Business

In addition to adding Customer Relationship Management software, you may want to consider other advanced technologies that can help your business grow more efficiently.

This technology may include:

  • Accounting Software – See your profits and losses or stick to your budget.
  • Planning Software – Keep track of your appointments, goals and tasks.
  • Time Tracking Software – Find out which tasks are most profitable.
  • Email Management – Consolidate your email accounts into one convenient place.  
  • Cloud Access – Work from your mobile device and allow for project collaboration.


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