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How To Find Better Work / Life Balance

Do you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all? Do you sometimes longingly miss your friends or family members? When was the last time you did something for yourself? For a passionate entrepreneur, the line between work and life is often blurred. It’s easy to become obsessed by work concerns, but it’s important to remember that a balanced, well-rounded life is the best pathway to sustainable happiness.

Here are a few tips for achieving more harmony in your public and private life:


  • Outsource.When you go to work, your day should consist of creating new products and services, driving more sales and acquiring new customers. Everything else can be delegated. Find someone else to do your taxes, tech setup, scheduling, cleaning, bookkeeping, data entry, writing, social media, shopping, travel booking, or anything else you don’t enjoy. Websites like Odesk, Elance and ExpertBids make it easy.   


  • Schedule Life. Just as you schedule your meetings and work activities, you should book time to recharge your batteries – whether it’s an hour to read before bed at night, an early morning exercise session, a weekly “date night” with your spouse, or an annual vacation. You’ll find you are more productive and motivated when you have these breathers to look forward to.

  • Turn Off Your Phone. Every entrepreneur and overworked employee wholeheartedly believes the Earth will stop spinning on its axis if they miss one day of work or turn their phones off during dinner time. The reality is that the company will adapt and function without you. Set clear expectations with others about when it’s okay to contact you. Schedule set days you communicate with certain vendors or coworkers to make your influx of calls and emails more predictable and manageable.


  • Mentor The Team Outside The Office. Remember those exciting schooldays where it was warm and sunny out, and the teachers let you have class outside? It’s good to get your team out of the office every once in a while. Some CEOs take their groups out to lunch, while others prefer attending fast-paced events like auto racing.

  • Be There For Family. Your kids will grow up before you know it – and you can never turn back the hands of Father Time to watch your daughter’s dance recital or your son’s soccer game. Find a routine that’s comfortable for you – even if it’s just driving the kids into school in the morning, sitting down for a family dinner each night, or reading the kids their bedtime stories. Stay connected and stay sane!


  • Take Care of Yourself. How are you fueling yourself? Are you getting in your 150 minutes of cardio and two sessions of strength training each week? Are you eating a nutritious, balanced diet? The last thing you need is to get sick. Spending a little time on the weekend to plan out what you’ll be eating and when you’ll be exercising all week can make a big impact on how you live your life, harried schedule or not. 

Fiction author James Patterson provided sage-like words of wisdom regarding the work/life balance in Suzanne's Diary to Nicholas. He wrote: “Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling five balls. The balls are called work, family, health, friends, and integrity. And you're keeping all of them in the air. But one day you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other four balls—family, health, friends, integrity—are made of glass. I you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered. And once you truly understand the lesson of the five balls, you will have the beginnings of balance in your life.”


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