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Why get healthcare benefits through SBU?
Finding a healthcare plan that meets your needs and is within your budget can be a tall order. There are several reasons you should partner with SBU to make it happen.
  • Expertise. SBU works with licensed Benefit Specialists with broad and deep knowledge of insurance plan options from many carriers. Their familiarity with the available choices means that they can confidently advise you on the best plan for you.
  • Integrity. The Benefit Specialists SBU works with have one goal: to make sure you get excellent coverage at a reasonable price. They will never try to "up-sell" insurance products you don't need or want. SBU exists to save small businesses money.
  • Options. SBU does not just work with one carrier to provide insurance solutions to its members. It has many insurance partners, and has worked with these partners to create customized insurance plans for non-traditional groups.
  • The Bottom Line. SBU knows that small businesses want to focus their resources in the most efficient way possible. The insurance options accessible to SBU members provide competitively priced, comprehensive coverage that allows members to focus more resources on their business, and less on the cost of healthcare.

Members enjoy group-negotiated rates for several medical plan options.  SBU can also facilitate enrollment in individual coverage, traditional group major medical products, and a host of supplemental benefits.  SBU members receive an employee discount card for access to a discount vision plan, nurse‚Äôs hotline, and counseling services.

Products for Non-Traditional Groups

SBU has custom insurance products for self-employed individuals who are members of affiliated groups and associations.  SBU works with these groups to handle the marketing, communication, and customer service to enroll their members in an insurance benefit solution that meets their individual needs.  We represent your association or PEO to the insurance carriers and can work to customize a plan and product to meet the needs of your membership.
Products for Traditional Employer Groups

If you are a traditional W-2 employer, SBU can connect you with affordable and benefit-rich insurance solutions.  SBU has access to major A-rated insurance carriers, and SBU members profit from this access.  SBU Benefit Specialists have the expertise to find the best-fit group coverage plans for your employees.
Other Plans
SBU members have access to more than health insurance.  With your membership, you can enroll in:

Life and Disability
401(k) and Indiviual(k)
Long Term Care
Medical Supplemental and Medicare Advantage

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